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The Dinaric Arc eco-region in south-east Europe is an area that features exceptional natural and cultural diversity. This unique karst system hosts some of the wildest mountains of Europe and is home to a large number of mammals, vast forests with high flora diversity, wealthy freshwater habitats and wetlands. The presences of traditional nature-friendly economic activities form a valuable basis for the sustainable development of the rural and natural regions of the Dinaric Arc. Yet, the wealth of its resources to a large extent depends on good governance, proper management structures, and smooth transboundary cooperation over shared resources.

In the period between 29 June and 1 July 2010 Capljina (BiH) will host an International Conference on Transboundary Cooperation in the Dinaric Arc. The conference is organized by IUCN, WWF Mediterranean Programme, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At local level the conference will be hosted by the Municipality of Capljina and NGO “Lijepa nasa”.

The conference will provide for fruitful discussion of the following topics:
How transboundary protected areas can strengthen the regional cooperation;
What positive practices can be applied for sustainable social and economic development of the region;
What kind of capacity building could help people improve their living by preserving their environment.

The key findings of six transboundary assessments carried out in the six target areas will present the opportunities of establishing cooperation between countries sharing common values. The assessment will serve as a basis for debate between a wide variety of stakeholders from the region and beyond gathered together in order to define concrete actions to be undertaken in future in order to support transboundary cooperation in the region.

The conference is part of the project Environment for People in the Dinaric Arc aiming at supporting cross-border cooperation for the conservation of key natural and cultural sites in the Dinaric Arc eco-region. The project is implemented by IUCN, WWF MedPO, and SNV with the financial support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Contact persons for the Conference:
Emira Mesanovic - program coordination -
Veronika Ferdinandova - program coordination -
Marica Mustapic - local logistics - maricamustapic@yahoo .com