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Environment for People in the Dinaric Arc is a project designed to promote the natural and cultural values of the area while enhancing local livelihoods through improved regional cooperation and strengthened environmental governance. It aims at fostering sustainable development and building capacity of rural communities in the transboundary areas in the region.

The project is being implemented by IUCN, SNV and WWF and it runs for 3 years - from 2009 to 2012. There are 6 cross-border areas covered by the project in 5 countries – NP Plitvicka jezera-NP Una, NP Durmitor-NP Sutjeska, NP Tara- Drina, Neretva delta, Mountain Dinara, and Prokletije / Bjeshkët e Namuna.

A range of activities, integrated in the broader EU nature conservation framework, will be executed during project implementation such as establishing public-private partnerships, increasing awareness about the value of local biodiversity, identifying joint actions across borders in the field if tourism, agriculture, forestry, estimate the potential for establishing trans-boundary protected areas, creating platforms for coordinated actions of decision makers.

Environment for People in the Dinaric Arc is one of the projects stemming from a broad framework of collaboration between WWF, IUCN, UNESCO-BRESCE, UNDP, UNEP, FAO, EuroNatur, SNV, REC, ECNC, and CIC called the Dinaric Arc Initiative. These organisations work actively in the region of Dinaric Arc to secure the preservation of its wealth and integrity through establishment of network of protected areas, promotion of cultural diversity, empowering local societies in their efforts for sustainable development, integrate environmental standards in the other sectoral policies and practices.

The Dinaric Arc initiative is backed up by the “Big Win” commitment made by the governments of the Dinaric Arc countries at the 9th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP 9).

*The Dinaric Arc is a region of South-Eastern Europe encompassing a large portion of the Western Balkans between the Adriatic Sea and the Danube Plain. The Dinaric Arc is a place of important freshwater ecosystems, including subterranean river and lakes, large well-preserved forests with a lot of endemic plant species, unique karst and cave habitats, wetlands, coastal and marine habitats.

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