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Conclusions of the Conference

At the International Conference on Cross-border cooperation of Dinaric Arc held on 29.06 – 1.07 2010 , in order to preserve biological diversity of cross-border areas and encourage sustainable development in accordance with the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas, following conclusions were adopted:

•  Dinaric Arc is one of the most important regions with regard to a richness of biodiversity in Europe and deserves a customized approach to the organization of institutional and non-institutional nature protection.

•  Cross-border areas that can serve as a pilot project to establish cross-border regional parks are defined. Working bodies will be established for developing mechanisms for cooperation in selected cross-border areas, which includes representatives of government at local and national level for the: Neretva River Delta, Mount Dinara, Plitvice Lakes - Una NP, NP Durmitor - Sutjeska NP, NP Tara - Drina, and Prokletije. Working Bodies will collect and consolidate the existing forms and results of cooperation with members of the Dinaric Arc Initiatives: UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP, FAO, IUCN, REC, WWF, SNV, ECNC, EURONATUR.

•  In the next period a pilot project will be developed to establish one regional park and expert basis will be established for its validation as a future model of cross-border nature conservation and a model of sustainable development.

•  Particular emphasis in the work of established institutions will be on using natural and cultural resources of the Dinaric Arc and its integration in order to develop sustainable tourism.